Meditation is easy. However, it is most beneficial when done habitually, and to form the habit of daily practice is very difficult; sometimes it can take years.

This habit sometimes can take 10 years to form. Our program will teach you the foundations of Daily Mindfulness in 10 weeks.

Within the Mindful Habits Program our Mindfulness Coaches will be by your side 24/7. You can ask any and all questions regarding your new Mindfulness practice.

What is The Mindful Habits Class?

Mindful Habits is a unique and one of a kind program that helps beginners in Mindfulness deeply ingrain the habit of Mindfulness within the first 10 weeks of the program. It is Scientifically tested and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. If at anytime you’d like to back out we will refund your investment.

Daily Check Ins

Students are to “Check In” at least 5/7 days a week. Stating if they meditated or not, even saying you could not meditate will help to form the habit, so remember to check in. Daily check ins will help you better ingrain the habit. Remember, when starting any new habit, patterns and accountability are key.

Unlimited Guidance

Our Mindfulness Coaches will give you consistent guidance throughout the program. Answering any and all questions you have regarding any of the factors or any difficulties you may be experiencing. Our coaches will continually monitor your check ins, watching your progress and help if any trouble may arise.

Unlimited Access to Class

We will have 2 classes a month. While in your Mindful Habits Class, feel free to come to our in person events 100% free. Both introduction and Follow up classes are scheduled regularly.

Mindful Workbook

You’ll be given a habit worksheet with critical questions. Fill this worksheet out and send it back to us. We will then see how we can better coach you into forming the habit of meditation. Mindfulness Coaching is all about understanding habitual patterns. The more our coaches understand you, the better you’ll form the long term habit of Mindfulness.

The Habit Loop

You’ll be given the Habit Loop worksheet. This worksheet will help you form the habits that are ground in Scientific evidence. The Habit Loop has been used for many years by top Executive Coaches and facilitators.

Motivation / Negative Consequences

Part of the benefit of the group is communal support and seeing others form the habit along with you. You are to “Check In” at least 5 out of 7 days a week so you and others can support each other in building the habit.

What if we could get a second ahead of the distractions and avoid autopilot? What if we could overcome our addiction to action and multitasking? The good news is we can. The key is to train the mind to be more focused and clear.

Third-party researchers have found significant results for attendees of the programs. -Potential Project



“I remember the selection night, 3 hours before it, I was at home, pumped, nervous and didn’t know what to do before heading to the gym for the fight. And I remembered how much energy and adrenaline and nervousness drained me. But luckily, I still got chosen.

About a week before the brawl, I was quite confident in the physical side, I’ve put in as much efforts as I could juggling with work. But, fighting in front of 1,500 people, that’s a lot of attention I’m not used to.

I heard about visualization from a fellow boxer who I bumped into at lunch. And I started asking about visualization with mediation, and was lucky enough to be put in touch with Brandon.

Brandon customized for me an excellent guided meditation 3 times before the night. It helped me so much go through the fight in my mind, experiencing the adrenaline. The most important thing I learned from the program was how to tell the difference between nervousness and excitement.

He taught me to keep telling myself, I’m excited, I’m a winner. And, it worked! I didn’t feel nervous, instead, utterly focused in the moment and I had fun with it!. I’m sure the lessons I’ve learned from this program will stick with me in and out of the ring forever.”

“In just a few months, the Mindful Habits program has helped me form the habit of meditation. With constant online interactions throughout the day, it has helped me check in for accountability, as well as share my accomplishments and struggles with other group members. I received the support I need to make this a long-term practice, and Brandon helped by providing tips and inviting us to try simple exercises. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wishes to start forming the habit of meditation, and to experience the benefits firsthand.”


Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.


  • 2 Classes per Month
  • Weekly Instructional Audios


  • 2 Classes per Month
  • Weekly Instructional Audios
  • One on One Coaching Sessions x 1 (30 Min)


  • 2 Classes per Month
  • Weekly Instructional Audios
  • One on One Coaching Sessions x 2 (30 Min)