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I stopped eating for 3 days!

From time to time it is good to purposefully practice poverty. For the next 3 days, I will not eat, and only use my bicycle for transportation. This is a way to appreciate life more and truly enjoy the small stuff. A big shout out to my dear friend, hashtag#Seneca for sharing this philosophy. hashtag#mindfulness [...]

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Don’t whistle at people in China or this will happen to you…

When living in China it's important to always be very mindful. It isn't skillful to whistle at dogs on the street because the owner may thing you're whistling at them! I've been in this country for almost 10 years and I'll tell you what, I learn something new everyday. Patience and empathy is a must! [...]

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How 15 Years of Meditation Changed My Life

VLOG004: I want to be as transparent as possible with you guys. In my youth, I wasn’t always a happy kid. I was nervous all the time and I saw little purpose in making friends. When I made a conscious choice to take time for my mind, that’s when everything changed... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XjbA1vCfo4 [...]

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Chinese Social Media Is A Beast!

In Shanghai China, everyone uses social media. People live on it. In fact, as you read this sentence now, realize that this is 1st reality. 2nd reality is when you take your eyes off this screen. It's so important everyday to take time for mindfulness, to take time for meditation. In this video I briefly [...]

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This is the speed of Shanghai, Life moves fast here. And, I bet yours does too. So how to cope?

Life moves fast... way too fast. And in Shanghai, you have to run as fast as you can to stay in one place. So how do we cope with this ever changing fast paced world? Each day people are fighting for their lives in this mega city and it's a place full of constant change. [...]

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7 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in the Technology Age

I think we’ve all experienced that awkward moment, when you’re speaking to someone and the cell phone rings. For a moment one person glances at their phone, while the other wonders if they’re about to be trumped by a phone call. No one likes being ignored in the midst of a cell conversation.  It’s rude. Nevertheless, [...]

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10 Ways Mindfulness Turns Fear Into an Ally【​正念帮助你与恐惧化敌为友的十大好处】

At first glance you might not put mindfulness and fear together or think that one can counterbalance the other. But while mindfulness invites us to be present with fear rather than run from it, it also frees us from being stuck in fearful thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness allows fear to be, just as it is, [...]

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