7 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in the Technology Age

I think we’ve all experienced that awkward moment, when you’re speaking to someone and the cell phone rings. For a moment one person glances at their phone, while the other wonders if they’re about to be trumped by a phone call. No one likes being ignored in the midst of a cell conversation.  It’s rude. Nevertheless, [...]

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10 Ways Mindfulness Turns Fear Into an Ally【​正念帮助你与恐惧化敌为友的十大好处】

At first glance you might not put mindfulness and fear together or think that one can counterbalance the other. But while mindfulness invites us to be present with fear rather than run from it, it also frees us from being stuck in fearful thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness allows fear to be, just as it is, [...]

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10 Amazing Benefits of Mindfulness Backed by Science

Mindfulness, the practice of staying aware and in sync with yourself and your surroundings often characterized by sitting in total silence with legs crossed, eyes shut and palms facing upwards, would seem like something only monks would appreciate. But mindfulness is a practice that all of us could use, especially in our stressful, fast-paced, 9-to-5 [...]

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Here is $86,400. Spend It Wisely【今天你的人生账户里将收到86,400美元】

  Today you've received $86,400 deposited into your life account. Not in the form of money, but rather something much more valuable. Today you've received 86,400 seconds to do with what you please. 今天你的人生账户里将收到86,400美元。不是以钱的形式,而是一些比钱更有价值的东西。今天你将收到可以自由支配的86,400秒。 Today you’re starting out fresh. Leave each moment of the past behind you and just focus on right here right now. Each new [...]

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A Recipe For Mental Toughness | 坚定意志的配方

今天对自己重复5遍: Repeat to yourself today 5 times out loud:  “生活不会总是按照我的方式走,但我总会找到办法的。” “Life won’t always go my way, but I will always find a way.” 当你对自己说这些话的时候,你一定是这个意思。你必须相信你说的话。 这是肯定的一种形式。千百年来,人们一直在使用自我肯定这种方式,它们是到达潜意识的一种方式。潜意识一直运作在你的内心世界,可能你并没有意识到,但它每天都在影响着你。 When you speak these words to yourself, you must mean them. You must believe what you’re saying. This is a type of affirmation. People have been using affirmations for thousands [...]

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How Do You Respond To Failure?【你如何应对失败?】

  托马斯·爱迪生说: “我没有失败。我刚刚发现了一万种不起作用的方法。" Thomas Edison once said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that do not work.”  失败是一种养料。每一次你失败或被击倒,都有一个选择的时刻。这个选择就是你如何应对生活中的这种情况。 Failure is a state of mind. Each time you lose or get knocked down, there’s a moment of choice. That choice is how you will respond to this situation in life. 每一次失败都是你离找到解决方案又近了一步。你抛弃了一个没有用的策略。人们所经历的失败的数量通常与人们所经历的成功成正比。 Each failure [...]

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怎么实现自己最为疯狂的梦想【How To Achieve Your Dreams】

  你想实现自己最为疯狂的梦想吗?除非有一天你真的弄清楚了自己想要什么?否则你永远都不会成功。除非你弄清楚了成功对你来说意味着什么,否则你永远不会收获巨大的成功。 Do you want to succeed beyond your wildest dreams? Of course you do. However, you will never achieve your dreams until you're clear on what they are. You will never be wildly successful until you define what success means to you. 想要弄清楚这些,并不是一个简单的过程。这需要你找点儿时间坐下来,好好地和自己对话,分析自己内心的欲望、恐惧、想法和人生。大多数人不会认真地去考虑这些事情。 This isn’t an easy process. It takes time to sit down with yourself and analyze [...]

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源于身体的进化和思维的变化 【Evolution Of Body & Mind】

“高人一等并不是高尚之举,真正的高贵是高于从前的自己。” "There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." ~ 海明威 ~ ~ Ernest Heminway ~ 人类的基本结构之一是等级制度。事实上,数百万年来,它甚至在动物体内占主导地位。想要比别人更好或更优越,这并不奇怪。这些是人类的基本本能。 One of the basic structures of humanity is that of a hierarchy. In fact, it’s even predominant in animals over millions of years. It isn’t strange [...]

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儿童正念教学的十大方式 【10 Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Kids】

我们知道正念对我们有益。正念让我们在育儿的过程中,巧妙地应对而不是屈从于内心的冲动。 正念对孩子也是有益的。有一种新的研究表明,正念可以帮助我们的孩子提高他们的注意力,在他们难过的时候平静下来,做出更好的决定。简而言之,它有助于情绪调节和提高注意力。我想不用我问,你也希望自己的孩子能受益吧? We know mindfulness is good for us. Mindfulness allows us to be present in our parenting, choosing the skillful response instead of succumbing to our visceral reactions. Mindfulness is also good for our kids. There is an emerging body of research that indicates that mindfulness can help our children improve their abilities to [...]

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你没有重要到可以无视他人【You’re Never Too Important To Be Nice To People】

无论你正处于生命这趟旅程的哪个阶段,你都没有重要到可以无视他人,不善待他人。善待他人这是我们作为一个人所最基本的责任。 事实上,善待他人这是一种技能,而且并不是那么容易就能练习的。我经常说,想要变得粗鲁、不为他人考虑是很容易的。 不管你认为自己是谁,请不要忘记: 练习自己的善良和怜悯之心。 Wherever you are in your journey through life, you will never be too important to be nice to people. It is your basic responsibility to be compassionate to your fellow human being. In fact, being “nice” is a skill and isn’t always easy to practice. I’ve said time and time again on [...]

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