I was in the bathroom the other day, minding my own business. Silencing the mind as one does when they’re in the bathroom. Turns out this one was a bit different. It was a public bathroom. Now we all know there are all types of “surprises” to be found in public bathrooms. Some not so beautiful. Not so, majestic…

那天我在洗手间, 做自己的事。一般人在浴室的时候都会安静地做自己的事。但那次情况有些不同,那是一个公共浴室。我们都知道在公共浴室里有各种各样的 “惊喜”。有些不那么漂亮。不是那么的…雄伟。

Today was different though, when I looked at the sink in this public bathroom, there was a sign. That sign said:

今天是不同的, 但当我到浴室里的水槽, 有一个标牌。那个牌子说:

“As common courtesy, leave the bathroom cleaner than when you found it.”

I thought to myself:

“I wonder what else this could be applied to?” 


“作为公共礼貌, 请你在离开浴室时把水槽清理地比你来时干净。“




Turns out this can be quite the secret to life. 

“As common courtesy leave your life better than when you lived it.”

事实证明, 这可能就是生命的秘密。


There’s something magic to this statement. There are actually two main take aways:

  • Life is short. You’re going to die and that’s okay.

  • Do your best to make the world a little bit better. Your fellow human beings will appreciate that.

Imagine if everyone in the world did something to make a difference. You don’t have to “move a mountain” or achieve some great feat. Just start small. 

It could be smiling to a stranger, or holding a door open for someone. You may be able to go so far to even teaching someone something, for free.


  • 生命是短暂的。你终将离开,但这没有关系。

  • 尽你最大的努力使世界变得更好一点。你的后代和同胞会感激你。

试想一下, 如果世界上每个人都做出了自己的贡献。你不必 “移动一座山” 或取得一些伟大的壮举。从小事就开始。

可能只是对陌生人微笑, 或者为某人开一扇门。或者可以更远一点,免费教别人一些东西。

Teaching for free is how Shanghai Mindfulness started. I taught mindfulness to 1,000 people for free for 100 days. One of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. Now teaching mindfulness is my full time job.

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it’s a good deed. I have a reminder on my phone, each day it tells me to help a stranger. In actuality this is the key to happiness as well. We become the most happy when we are supplying happiness to others.

免费教学正是Shanghai Mindfulness 开始的方式。我免费为1000个人提供为期100天的正念教学。这是我一生中做过的最好的事情之一。现在, 正念教学是我的全职工作。

只要这是件好事, 你做什么都无所谓。这句话一直记在我的手机备忘录里。, 每天提醒我去帮助一个陌生人。事实上, 这也是幸福的关键。当我们向他人提供快乐时, 我们也会变得更加快乐。

You see a problem that needs to be solved? Go fix it. You see someone that could use a hand?  Give them a hand.

Think society could function better in one way? Solve that problem & figure it out for the rest of us. Be a problem solver. Be a value giver. Do something that makes this world less dark and more beautiful.

So what will you do today to leave life better than when you lived it? 


那么, 今天你会做些什么来让你的生活比以前更好呢?


Shanghai Mindfulness was founded by Brandon Mehrgut. With over 1,500 members in China, Shanghai Mindfulness represents a community made by the people for the people.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

上海正念由Brandon Mehrgut创立,现已在中国有1500名成员。上海正念是由一群志同道合者建立并服务于其他志同道合的人。